Weight Loss

Weight Loss Dee Why Northern Beaches

I enjoy working with all my clients and continually am amazed at the great results that my clients see from their treatments.

I will work with you one-on-one to help you achieve your goals. This incredible personalized service helps you lose unwanted kilos & inches naturally, stay fit & healthy using the forever slim program.

I provide an individualised  assessment of your metabolic type. To do this, I assess all possible "blocks" to a functioning metabolism.

Assessment is based on the following paramaters:

  • insulin sensitvity and oxidizer type
  • leptin status
  • thyroid status
  • testosterone
  • degree of oestrogen dominance
  • function of the lymphatic system and liver
  • presence of food sensitivities
  • presence of inflammatory markers

I rely on medical history, physical exam, and blood or saliva tests to make our assessment.