Thyroflex (Thyroid Function Test)


Always Tired? Forgetful? Can't lose weight? You may have sub-clinical hypothyroid and not know it.

Blood tests taken at your Doctors for TSH, t3 and t4 can come back normal even though your thyroid may not be functioning at your optimal level. The thyroflex  is a non invasive test that is changing the way Doctors throughout the U.S diagnose and treat thyroid health. NOW available with Lydia Conte at her clinic in Dee Why. A healthy functioning thyroid is critical to the wellbeing of your entire body.  A quick 4 minute test can reveal accurate thyroid hormone levels in muscle tissues, revealing a possible over or underactive thyroid.

Click the link to see the Thyroflex thyroid test demonstated and explained on the 'Dr Phil show '.

Fill out the questionnaire below. If the results suggest a Thyroflex test is advisable, please call Lydia today to book an appointment. 1800 176 183


Do you suffer from any of the following


Rate your symptoms below from a scale of 0-3

0-None 1-Mild 2-Moderate 3-Severe

___Tired and sluggish
___Dry hair and skin
___Need for more sleep
___Weak muscles
___Constant feeling cold
___Muscle cramps
___Poor memory
___Slow thinking
___Puffy eyes                                     
___Difficulty with math
___Hoarser/deeper voice
___Muscle /joint pain
___Coarse hair or hair loss
___Low sex drive/impotence
___Puffy hands and feet
___Unsteady gait
___Gain weight easily
___Thinning outer eyebrow
___Menses more irregular
___Heavier menses



___Tachycardia (Rapid Heart Beat)
___Palpitation (Skipping of Heart Beat)
___Increased Sweating
___Brittle Nails
___Loss of Appetite


If you score higher than 8 in the HYPO section or higher than 0 in the HYPER section, you should arrange an appointment for a Thyroflex™ test with Lydia today.


Manifestations of Hypothyroid:

Headache        Poor coordination       Deafness     Vertigo or Tinnitus 
Poor memory    reduced attention span       Sleep apnea    Psychiatric Syndromes

Depression       Schizoid or affective psychoses       Bipolar disorders             joint stiffness           Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Risks of Subclinical Hypothyroid:
High or Low blood pressure      High Cholesterol & other blood fats 
Vascular (blood vessel) Disease            Diabetes        Neurological (Parkinson’s like diseases)        Double Alzheimer’s Risk     Arthritis and inflammatory diseases 
Pregnancy Complications