Welcome to Lydia Conte's Natural Health Centre


By working together to build your complete wellbeing picture, I employ both holistic and allopathic diagnostic tools to create a personalised treatment plan to support your ongoing health goals.

                       I use a number of healing modalities including:

       Naturopathic nutritional therapy      Herbal medicine        Thyroflex         

                Homoeopathy               Kinesiology               Nutri-energetics System  

Using the most effective and gentle techniques available. Utilizing the latest understandings of western science and blending them with eastern philosophies and techniques. Educating and motivating my patients, empowering them to achieve their health and life goals.

Lydias waiting room

  • Tiredness
  • Digestive problems
  • Arthritis
  • PMS
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Constipation
  • Allergies
  • Bloating
  • Weight Loss
  • Bladder infections


Harris Anasson, North Narrabben: I feel so much better! My energy has come back and I feel back to normal. I have just moved house and I am not feeling drained or worn out like I normally would. I am back to my old self. No more bloating, I am now regular and I wake up feeling refreshed. In such a short amount of time Lydia has made such a big difference.  I am very impressed. Thank you very much Lydia!

Carolyn Kwok, St Ives:  I came to see Lydia because I had tireness and digestive problems such as bloating, constipation, reflux and nausea. All my symptoms have dissappeared within 2 appointments (2 months).  Coming to see Lydia has been extremely worth every penny! She is very experienced and a well respected practitioner.

Karen Reichenberger, Northern Beaches: I now have my energy back and feeling a lot better.  I am back to work full time which I am very thankful for.  Lydia comes highly recommended.

Helen Fawcett, Sans Souci: I am so glad I am feeling better!  At my age (72) there is no way I would have been able to deal with looking after the grandchildren. I am now sleeping through the night and I have plenty of energy.  I used to be tired all the time which is why I came to see Lydia in the first please. I am sleeping alot better. I am very thankful to Lydia

Georgina Sakellaris, Mona Vale: I went to see Lydia because I was feeling really tired and run down.  I had bloating and I was not at the weight that I was comfortable with.  Since having seen Lydia my energy has come back, my bloating has gone and I am not getting that extreme tiredness at around 3pm.  I am very grateful to Lydia.  Thank you very much for all of your help Lydia

Britta Pratt, Ingleside: I came to see Lydia regarding excess weight, tiredness, wrestless legs, digetive issues and an annoying rash on my arms.  Following Lydia's guidelines I am please to say that my wrestless legs have cleared up, the rash has gone and all my digestive symptoms have dissappeared.  I have also lost 6 kilo's in weight which I am thrilled about.  Very happy with the results! 

Michael Checchi, Seaforth: Within the first week of my first appointment I felt 100 percent  better. I have my energy back, I am now sleeping through the night and I am not bruizing (these are the reasons I came to see Lydia). Lydia was very thorough with her assessment was able to offer me very sound guidance. I am so impressed to be feeling better so soon.

Tanya Nightingale, Warriewood: I had never had a good nights sleep in all of my life.  I used to have a maximum of 4 hours sleep per night and only slept lightly. Since coming to see Lydia, I now get 7 hours of decent sleep every night.  She had me do some blood tests and did a thyroid test.  Gave me the appropriate supplements and herbs to balance me.  I now feel energetic everyday and well rested.  I highly recommend Lydia. 

Karen Seyer, Mona Vale: Thank you Lydia. I am feeling heaps better thanks to you. I have more energy and I am managing stress better.

Jo An Ryder: I am feeling 100% better since coming to see Lydia.  I used to feel completely washed out, it was so hard to do anything because I was so tired.  I almost left my job due to not coping with the work and the stress.  Now that I am feeling good,  work is not an issue and I am dealing with stress easily.  Lydia did a thyroid test and requested some blood tests and found I was low in quite a few areas.  She put me onto some formula's that corrected nutritional deficiencies and some herbs to help build up my energy.  I highly recommend her.

Jody Russel, Frenches Forest: I have been feeling a lot better since coming to see Lydia.  My reflux has completely dissappeared and I have much more energy.  Very happy with the outcome.  Thank you Lydia!

Michelle Jennings, Mona Vale: I came to Lydia experiencing overwhelming tiredness, dizziness and couldn't lose weight. Lydia tested my thyroid and took a look at my blood test results.  She found I was deficient in quite a few things and that I am mildly hypothyroid.  Within a week of following her guidelines, I felt a lot better.  I was then put on a low dose thyroid medication and that made a big improvement with how I feel. Thank you very much Lydia. 

Cheryl Wood, Davidson: After testing my thyroid, Lydia  recommended I go onto thyroid medication as my thyroid test was in the low range.  Lydia refered me to a Wholistic Doctor that she works with.  Since taking the thyroid medication, I have been feeling a lot better.  I am not as tired at the end of the day, I can cope with stress, I am alot clearer in my mind and I have lost some weight.  Thank you Lydia

Valerie Boulton, Dee Why: (Aged 73) I came to Lydia because I had been suffering low energy for many years.  I noticed a definate improvement in energy within 3 weeks of taking her recommended formula's.  And an added benefit was that I no longer feel pain when I am walking around the shops.  Very happy with the results and looking forward to more improvements.

Erin Turner, Collaroy: I noticed after my first visit with Lydia, I felt a 100% improvement by following her recommendations. I used to feel extremely tired and have hormonal imbalance as well as having hypoglycemic symptoms.  All of these things have impoved. Thanks Lydia!

Zara Silk, Collaroy: I was feeling incredibly tired, dizzy and my circulation was very poor. I noticed a massive improvement in my energy and overall sense of wellbeing including a big difference in my circulation within 3 weeks of following Lydia's guidelines. People are commenting how well I look. If you have any sort of health issues, I would highly recommend you have a consultation with Lydia. 

Samantha Curry, Freshwater: I used to feel incredibly tired all the time. I needed a nap every afternoon and still didn't feel refreshed.  I went to see many different doctors and they were not able to help me. Lydia found that my thyroid is under active and that I had low iron. Since following Lydia's recommendations, I have been feeling great.  I literally don't know how I ever managed to get through my day befor coming to see Lydia. I am extremely thankful to Lydia

Mandy Marinic, Beacon Hill: Since comng to see Lydia I feel like a cloud has lifted. I feel like my old self again, more energy and I can now think clearly. My digestion has improved tremendously. I highly recommend anybody who has health issues to see Lydia. 

Joshua Smith, Cromer: this has made a massive difference to the way I feel, it was almost instant.  The first time I took the supplements it knocked me out for a day but since then my energy is up, my brain is clear, vivid dreams, my throat centre is open. Few detox symptoms but is really awesome stuff. The cyst on my eyelid is gone.

Ruth Wellsmore, Manly: I used to be tired all the time, I had digestive problems and sinus. Since coming to see Lydia, all my symptoms have completely cleared up and my energy is great. I now feel 100%. Lydia gets my full recommendation. 


Zaza Silk, Collaroy: I remember walking into Lydia's clinic and I was in tears. I was so tired that I could not function. I have made a full recovery and I am full of energy and vitality. I am extremely glad that I found Lydia. I have my life back. 

Rachel Bajada, Cameray: Within 7 days of administering Lydia's recommendations I started seeing results. I the past I had tried everything. Starved myself, weight training every day. I used to hit the wall at 8pm and couldn't stay awake. Now I am up til 10pm or when ever I feel like it, like a normal person. My puffiness has disappeared, I have more stamina even at the gym, my memory is sharper and my headaches I have only had one in three months which is unheard of. I am extremely happy with the results.

Ruth Wellsmore, ManlyI found Lydia via a google search during a desperate time in my life.  I live on the northern beaches and found myself in a stressful time in my life which caused my immune system to break down, I wasn't sleeping very well, I had fatigue, anaemia, exhaustion and generally feeling poorly.  I had a very sympathetic GP at the time who diagnosed me with a variety of things which included CFS and an under active thyroid but she could only take me so far.  I needed to see a CAM Practitioner who would be able to work with me to reboot my system and get me back to where I needed to be.  I realised it would be an expensive path to begin with, but the tests and supplements were necessary and health is an investment. Thanks to Lydia, I starting seeing results within a short period and reviewed my progress every 3 months thereafter.  I am now the healthiest and happiest I have ever been.  I realise that I implemented most of the change but Lydia's approach and guidance gave me the foundation to begin my journey.  Thanks so much Lydia!!