About Lydia

About our practitioners:

Lydia is an experienced and respected clinician who specialises in thyroid and women's health.  Her primary passion is her clinical practice where she is inspired and humbled by her patients.  She loves supporting people to reach their individual health goals and improve their quality of life.

Lydia leads by example, remembering to live life to the fullest and believes that ill-health is merely a stepping stone to help you reclaim your true state of being.  she subscribes to 'practitioner heal thyself' so that she can be the best inspiration for change in others.

To ensure that she is continually growing and developing as a clinician, Lydia receives regular supervision from a number of experts both in Complementary Medicine, councelling and other areas.

Diana is a qualified and experienced Naturopath. She studied with the Australian Institute of Applied Science and graduated with 3 Advanced Diplomas in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. She also completed an advanced course in Iridology in Australia, an advanced course in International Institute of Sclerology (USA and a Diploma in Live Blood Analysis from the UK. She is also qualified in Massage Therapy.

“I love working with people and watching how their lives are changing. From the chronically fatigued, struggling to cope with life with no energy and constantly using stimulants to get through the day, to becoming a person who is full of energy and excited about his new lifestyle; from those with multiple health complaints on multiple medications who’s problems, step by step, begin to disappear. They start to enjoy a life without pain, discomfort, anxiety, any health problems etc. The quality of life is changing dramatically. Most people don’t realise how exhausted they are, how quality of life is compromised.

  I also love practicing Iridology, Sclerology and Glyphology as well as Live and Dry Blood Analysis. What we don’t realise is that our body gives us many different signs as a reflection of our health and observing signs in our skin, feet, eyes, tongue and nails can give us great internal insight into an individual’s  state of health. Prevention is wisdom, but never too late for changes.
I believe that it is your body capable to heal itself, when there are right conditions, nutrients are giving, and there is always a way to improve it. ”